MBTI sixteen personality


Enthusiastic, responsive and responsible - with a leadership style that encourages others. Express genuine concern about what others think or want and deal with it with real heart. Able to lead group discussions or presentation proposals with pleasure and skill. Sociable, popular and compassionate. I care about criticism. Like to lead others and enable others or groups to realize their potential.


Enthusiastic, energetic, intelligent and imaginative, they see life as full of opportunities, but expect to be affirmed and supported by others. Can achieve almost everything you are interested in. We will soon have solutions to problems and be able to help people in trouble. Rely on the ability to improve without planning. You can often find reasons to force yourself to do it in order to achieve your goal. Improvisation executor.


An honest and decisive event leader. Good at developing and implementing a wide range of systems to solve organizational problems. Specialize in meaningful and intelligent conversation, such as public speaking. Willing to absorb new knowledge and open up information channels. Yi Sheng is overconfident and is better than expressing his own ideas. Like long-term planning and goal setting.


Quick response, smart, good at variety. Expertise in motivating partners, agility and outspokenness. Will argue both sides of the problem for fun. Be strategic in solving new and challenging problems, but ignore or get tired of frequent tasks and details. Interests are diverse and tend to transfer to new interests. Skillfully find logical reasons for what you want. Be good at seeing others and have the intelligence to solve new or challenging problems.


Sincere, talkative, cooperative, popular and aboveboard - natural collaborators and active organization members. Emphasize harmony and be good at creating harmony. Always do what is good for others. Giving encouragement and praise will lead to better work results. Most interested in matters that will have a direct and tangible impact on people's lives. Like to work with others to finish work accurately and on time.


Outgoing, kind, receptive, willing to share happiness with others. Like to act with others and contribute to events, as well as learning. Be aware of the future development of the event and participate in it. He is best at interpersonal skills and has complete common sense. He is very flexible and can immediately adapt to others and the environment. A lover of life, people and material enjoyment.


Pragmatic, true and factual, with enterprise or technical talent. Dislike abstract theory; I like learning best and can use reason immediately. Like organizing and managing activities and focus on acting in the most efficient way to achieve results. Decisive, detail oriented and quick decision-making - excellent administrator. Will ignore other people's feelings. Like to be a leader or enterprise director.


Good at real-time problem solving on site - problem solver. Like to do things and enjoy the process. Tend to like technical affairs and sports, make friends with good friends. Adaptability, tolerance and pragmatism; Putting your heart into work will soon be effective. I don't like the explanation and theory of lengthy concepts. Most specialized in real transactions that can be manipulated, processed, decomposed or combined.


Because of perseverance, creativity and the intention that must be achieved. I will put my best effort in my work. Be silent, strong, sincere and attentive to others. Respected for adhering to principles. It is respected and followed by putting forward a clear vision for the benefit of the public. Pursue the significance and relevance of creativity, relationship and material property. Want to know what motivates and has insight into others. Be aboveboard and firmly believe in its values. Implement its vision in an organized and decisive manner.


Quiet observer, idealistic and loyal to his values and important people. Hope that the external life form is consistent with the internal values. Curious and quick to see opportunities. A catalyst often responsible for developing ideas. Unless your values are violated, you will be flexible, adaptable and tolerant. An attempt to understand and develop the potential of others. Want to do too much and concentrate. Don't care much about the situation and possession. Adaptable and resilient unless values are threatened.


Strong motivation and intention to achieve purpose and creativity - stubborn. Have a grand vision and can quickly find meaningful models in many external events. Have good ability to plan and complete the job. Suspicious, critical, independent and decisive, with high professional standards and performance requirements.


Quiet, self-sustaining, flexible and adaptable. Especially fond of pursuing theory and scientific reason. Used to solving problems with logic and analysis - problem solver. Most interested in creative affairs and specific work, not interested in parties and chatting. Pursue a career that gives full play to your strong personal interests. Pursue the logical explanation of interested affairs.


Quiet, kind, responsible and conscientious. Responsible and committed. High stability, often living in the stability of project work or groups. Willing to invest, bear hardships and strive for accuracy. Interest is usually not in technology. Be patient with details. Loyal, considerate, intellectual and concerned about others' feelings. Committed to creating an orderly and harmonious work and family environment.


Shy, peaceful, kind, sensitive, kind, and modest. Like to avoid arguments and impose opinions or values on others. He has no intention of leading but is often a loyal follower. Not impatient, content with the status quo, not willing to destroy the status quo with excessive urgency or efforts, and not result oriented. Like to have their own space and work according to their own schedule.


Serious, quiet, successful through concentration and dedication, and trustworthy. Be pragmatic, orderly, practical, logical, authentic and reliable. Pay great attention to and be willing to do anything (work, home and life are well organized and orderly. Be responsible. Make decisions according to the set results without fear of obstruction and gossip. Be firm. Pay attention to tradition and loyalty. Be a traditional thinker or manager.


Calm bystander - quiet, reserved, flexible and able to observe and analyze with unbiased curiosity and unexpected original humor. Interested in exploring the causes and effects, why and how technical events work, and using the principles of logic to construct facts and pay attention to efficiency. Good at mastering the core of problems and finding solutions. Analyze the cause of success and find out the core of practical problems from a large amount of data in real time.

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